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Traffic offences make up for a large part of the offences dealt with by the police and the courts Fines, disqualification and even imprisonment are imposed for these kinds of offences, on a daily basis.


This kind of enforcement has a dramatic effect on peoples lives, causing loss of work and major disruption. Parlbys help to make sure clients are treated fairly by the  system, and to avoid unjust penalties and disqualifications.


Most traffic offences do not qualify for legal aid. Our fixed fees are designed to be affordable. Alternatively your insurers may pay us to represent you.

You don't have to accept a fixed penalty. We can advise on your prospects of succesfully contesting it within the time limit for payment.

If your case is complex, perhaps because a report from an expert is required, you may be eligible for legal aid.

Legal Aid is available where your liberty is at risk, for example in a prosecution arising out of a fatal traffic accident.

Fixed Fee

We would agree a fee with you prior to engaging in your matter and therefore this would depend upon the amount of work anticipated.  We would normally offer a fixed fee of between £250 to £500 plus VAT for one of our experienced solicitors to represent you before the court.  This representation will include, but not be limited to, special reasons to avoid penalty points on your licence or exceptional hardship to avoid a disqualification under the totting up provisions.