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Parlbys Solicitors

Parlbys will work for anyone to be interviewed by the police, or anyone facing allegations in  Magistrates’ Courts and Crown Courts. Whilst most of our cases are in Devon & Cornwall we can assist clients at each stage nationwide.  We assist  military personnel at both the investigation stage and through to Courts Martial should the matter be taken that far.



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The Facts:

The Defence Solicitor Call Centre & the police have Parlbys details and we provide 24-hour cover for police station attendances 7 days a week

We also provide assistance in criminal investigations outside the police station such as those undertaken by DWP and local council.

If the decision is made to take a matter further we offer representation throughout the process either on Legal Aid or a private fee paying basis.

Am I eligible for legal aid?

There are 2 tests that you have to pass, we will guide you through these:


1. The interests of justice test e.g. If the the case could result in imprisonment or it is too complex for you to be able to deal with without legal representation.


2. The means test 












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To receive Free Legal Aid - You will qualify if:


-You are under 18

-You receive Income Support, ESA or JSA.

-Your annual income taking into account any partner and children is up to £12,475 or up

to £22,325 depending on the results of a full means test.

To receive Legal Aid with a contribution-


-If you don't qualify for free legal aid but your case will be in the Crown Court you can still get legal aid, but with a contribution, provided your household income does not exceed £37,500.